Revebel Laboratori Cosmetici Piana is an Italian brand of skin care  product for over a hundred years, began in 1903. Mr. Apicoltura Piana built the first bee farm in Italy, due to the superior efficacy of the selected bred  Apis Ligustica  queen bees, the company exported its own queen bees andtheir valuable products (Royal Jelly , honey, beeswax)to every corner of the globe, and it soon becamea leader in the European market. The award-winning natural products were well recognized. The company decided to break the traditional scope of business in the 1950s, Mr. Giampietro Piana started to export the royal jelly, as a high end ingredient to famous skin care brands in Europe. Turn a new page, the company has become a reputable skin care product manufacturer in Europe.

Revebel has been established for over half a century and has continuously innovating new products by R&D. By using advanced cosmetic technology and innovative ingredients to produce facial and body skin care products including the newly launched make-up series Artecura, mineral makeup series Clinic Mineral and a makeup lip essence (Lip Gloss Laccato) series Revebel. The active ingredient of Revebel is extracted from the organic rose petals which can create a lasting moisturized effect on the lips. As a world class manufacturer, Revebel has met the highest safety standard that it is even safe to eat.

With more than a century of experience in innovating cosmetics and skin care products, Revebel has developed this areola unique natural beauty recipe, a precious recipe dedicated to every single woman. The pink pigmented Revebel -3Action Rosa can unleash the inner beauty of every woman by exuding the unique charm, confident and attractiveness.